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General Motors Voids Warranty Over Catch Can!

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Dear Alicia Boler-Davis,

When a 2015 Camaro 1LE owner in Texas had his vehicle towed to a General Motors dealership (Sterling Cadillac, Buick, GMC near College Station, TX) because of an oil pump failure, first the dealership RAN the motor, possibly causing severe damage, then General Motors VOIDED the entire power-train warranty, merely because he had a catch can installed.

Many General Motors vehicle owners install devices and use products to enhance and/or protect their investment. The Chevrolet owner in Texas installed this very common device that helps keep the air going to the engine clean and free of contaminates. Many General motors technicians not only approve of catch cans, they also RECOMMEND them.

General Motors is claiming this device caused an issue with the oil pressure and has refused to honor the warranty on a $45,000, 2015 vehicle, with just 11K miles on it, after the engine failed. Now other General Motors Truck, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC and Buick owners are concerned that their efforts to keep their engines clean with a PCV oil/air separator, commonly called a "catch can", will void their power-train warranties. Also, the oil pump failure is a known issue with these engines.

General Motors is a company that is keen to split hairs with owners on warranty issues, and show little, if any, respect to outside engineers who create something that can fix a problem with a General Motors design. This is complete arrogance on the part of General Motors.

We all know what running without a catch can will do to a Direct Injected engine after a while. So does General Motors, hence the new, lower 60k mileage warranty.. which is about how long it will last before it needs a valve job or other major repair, even with proper maintenance.

The person in Texas, who was the initial focus of this petition had his car towed to him with a disassembled engine and a voided warranty. Isn't that a nice "thank you" from General Motors to someone who was just trying to take care of, and protect his investment?

Let's stand together and get General Motors to acknowledge, that not only does a properly installed and maintained catch can NOT void your warranty, but it is an extremely efficient means of keeping your valves and intake system cleaner.

Thank you for your support.

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