Ali Mushaima is on hunger strike to save his father’s life. Let’s help him!

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Today is the 7th day of Ali Mushaima's hunger strike outside the Embassy of Bahrain in London. He has been spending his nights and long summer days under the extreme heat since the 1st of August and he has already lost 5 kg! He says he will not end his hunger strike until the Bahraini authorities take some action to save his father's life. PLEASE sign this petition to help improve his father's unjust and cruel condition in the prison of Bahrain. Let's help get Ali back home!

About Ali Mushaima's father: Hassan Mushaima


Hassan Mushaima, aged 70, is a political opposition leader in Bahrain. He was a founding member and Deputy Secretary-General of the political party Al-Wefaq from 2002-2006, which was dissolved in 2016. In 2006, he withdrew from Al-Wefaq to establish and lead the Haq movement until his imprisonment in 2011.  He was then sentenced to life imprisonment by a military court for "attempting to overthrow the monarchy". 

Amnesty International has labelled Mr Mushaima a “prisoner of conscience” while the United Nations (UN) has called for his release. Following his arrest in 2011, Mr Mushaima was victim to what Human Rights Watch described as a “highly functional injustice system”, which used physical and psychological torture at the hands of authorities and gross violations of his right to fair trial. The physical abuse caused such severe complications that Mr Mushaima required a total of four surgeries. Al-Arabiya broadcasted video footage of confessions that Mr Mushaima made under torture in prison, which they received through official channels from the Bahraini government. The Saudi-funded channel was fined £120,000 by Ofcom for violating Mr Mushaima’s privacy and for broadcasting “confessions” without making it clear that he had been tortured.

A statement published by Amnesty international said (referring to Hassan Mushaima and 3 other political prisoners) "they should not have been arrested, tried or imprisoned in the first place, let alone continue being subjected to this ill-treatment that is now endangering their lives".

Current Situation

  • Hassan Mushaima suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, gout, and a urinary tract infection, as well as being a former lymphoma cancer patient. Therefore, he requires regular scans yet prison authorities have not allowed Mr Mushaima to attend a check up since September 2016.
  • A doctor recommended Mr Mushaima to consult a diabetes specialist to treat his condition in the long term but the prison authorities have failed to follow this advice and have also delayed the administration of his existing medication, which he last received four months ago. 
  •  Mr Mushaima has not seen his family since February 2017.
  • Under current prison regulations, the authorities shackle inmates whenever they leave their cells, even for medical appointments. This humiliating procedure is reserved specifically for those who are guilty of exercising their right to freedom of expression.
  • He is also denied access to reading material, following a raid in October 2017.
  • All these discriminatory policies are in violation of the universal standard set by the United Nations Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners.

 Ali Mushaima’s hunger strike

The purpose of Ali Mushaima’s hunger strike is the following:

  • To demand that his father has immediate access to medical care
  • That he is allowed family visits
  • That he is given access to books 

Since Ali Mushaima started his hunger strike he has been receiving an immense amount of support:

  • People of different races, backgrounds and faiths have come to visit Ali, with many having sat beside him for hours in solidarity with this cause.
  • Many people from around the globe have been spreading news of his hunger strike on social media. 
  • People have organised a range of protests world-wide to support Ali Mushaima. This includes a protest organised on Monday the 6th of August outside the Bahraini Embassy in London.
  • On the 4th of August, protestors projected images on the Bahraini Embassy building revealing the injustices of the Bahraini regime (including that of which Hassan Mushaima is being subjected to).
  • Residents in the UK have sent letters to their MPs demanding that this issue be raised with human right organisations.

The purpose of this petition

We need serious steps to be taken to change Hassan Mushaima’s condition as soon as possible. Therefore, through this petition we aim to:

  1. Ensure that the Foreign and commonwealth office (FCO) take this matter very seriously and raise this issue with the Bahraini authorities.
  2. That the Embassy of Bahrain and consequently, the relevant Bahraini authorities feel under pressure through this petition and take immediate action to help save Hassan Mushaima’s life.

Other ways you can help

  1. You can also help by sending your MP a letter requesting them to contact the FCO. A draft letter can be found here
  2. You are more than welcome to visit Ali Mushaima outside the Embassy of Bahrain in London to show your support. You can take a picture with him and post it on social media.
  3. As well as this, you can help greatly by raising awareness. First and foremost share this petition with everyone you know. We need as much signatures as possible. Secondly you can tweet about Ali Mushaima’s hunger strike and his father’s poor condition using the hashtag #MedicalCare4Mushaima and #freeHassanMushaima. In your tweets you can also tag Ali Mushaima (@AMushaima), the Bahraini Embassy in London (@BahrainEmbUK), the Bahrain’s Ministry of Interior (@moi_bahrain) And the FCO (@FCOHumanRights).
  4. You can also organise a protest in your country to help raise awareness of Ali Mushaima’s hunger strike and the subsequent changes we would like to see.

Further Resources

  • Have a read of Ali Mushaima’s article in The Guardian here
  • Read BIRD’s article with regular updates on Ali Mushiama's hunger strike here
  • Follow @SAlwadaei and @SamWalton for the latest on twitter as they are tweeting regularly about Ali Mushaima’s hunger strike.

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