Prevent Spread of Wuhan Coronavirus in AUSD by Cancelling Schools until Outbreak Ceases

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Over the past few days, there has been an outbreak known as the Coronavirus. This virus is airborne thus it is highly contagious and even those who do not display symptoms can carry the virus and spread it to others. The virus has already made a name for itself by killing many individuals in China as well as spreading to other countries at a rapid pace. There have been cases in Orange County and there is a suspicion of a case of this virus in Alhambra. For safety purposes I suggest allowing students to wear protective face masks to prevent exposure to the virus. Wearing theses masks would protect students and others from receiving or transmitting the sickness. I believe that in an environment such as school would maximize the spread of the virus, but by wearing masks students would at least be able to protect themselves. from inhaling the virus. We must also take into account that there is a 10-14 day incubation period meaning some students or staff might already be infected without being diagnosed. Hong Kong has declared a state of emergency and quarantine and the Centers for Disease Control has issued Level 3 travel health notices to all Americans to ask them to avoid any travel to China. At school, students would have a higher chance to get infected and would have less focus in class knowing there is a disease that is potentially 5 or 10 minutes away from entering our lungs. Studying while knowing that your life is in danger does not create a stable and safe learning environment and would make students take their mind off of studying which is a necessity to test scores. Based off International sources students and citizens all over will become infected without proper precautions. Although the chances of infection are low, they are not ZERO and we must be prepared and cautious for what might come.

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