Alfies Law: The 'state' do not own our children and parents wishes should be respected.

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The devastating news of the passing of Alfie Evans highlights the problems that can be faced by the parents of any sick child in this country - that the 'state' can effectively remove the rights of the parents and take 'custody' of that child.

It is no secret that the Italian authorities offered to treat Alfie when the British hospital has basically given up hope. The parents, like any other decent parent would; wanted to try anything that may be able to help their child survive. The courts (or 'state') basically removed that right and over ruled the wishes of parents who genuinely believed they were acting in the best interest of their child.

History proves that Doctors are NOT always correct and the 'authorities' decisions are not always in the best interests of the child. Ashya King's parents, who removed their child from hospital several years back, were arrested; thrown in prison and hounded by the 'state', when UK doctors have given up on this poor boy! He is now cured thanks to their 'illegal' actions.

Parents, who are deemed 'fit' should be able to take decisions that affect their child. It is NOT for the state to decide decisions like in the case of Alfie and remove any hope! The state does NOT own our children and the law should reflect that in cases of seriously ill children so that no other parents need to experience a similar situation, at what must be the most hoorendous time anyway.

So please sign so we can get 'Alfie's law' added to the statute so that decent parents are given the power to take the best actions for their children.