Make Tim Horton’s coffee cups 100% recyclable

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Although Tim Hortons coffee cups are currently recyclable in some areas they are not  100% recyclable in all areas where products are being sold. This leads to increased environmental problems due the following: 

1) It is not widely known that Tims coffee cups are not recyclable, people drink coffee/tea every day and contaminate recycling bins every day with coffee cups that belong in the garbage. 

2) Even people who do know they belong in the garbage instead of recycling will often place them in the recycling bin anyways due to the fact that most household garbage bins are too small to effectively contain a stack of coffee cups as well as other garbage. 

On a regular basis in schools I hear about students making announcements and posters and speaking to classes about placing recycling and garbage into the right bins, and more often than not these students are reminding others that Tim Hortons coffee cups are garbage, not recycling. 

Yes, as a community we can make a difference in the way that the young people now will treat the environment in the future, however it is just as important, if not even more, for large companies and corporations to do their part and change what they can - they can be a lot more impactful on society than a few groups of students going around their schools hoping to better educate people for the future.