Keep Protections for Transgender People in Title IX

Keep Protections for Transgender People in Title IX

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Add your name to the following letter, which will be sent to Alex Azar, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services:

Dear Alex Azar,

My name is Syd. I’m a transgender student, and I am asking you to reconsider the Department of Health and Human Services memo on tightening the definition of gender to exclude transgender and gender non-conforming people from Title IX.

While you claim you support a theory of gender grounded in science, you have not consulted with biologists or medical professionals, many of whom are pioneering research suggesting that sex is not as binary as it seemed and gender even less so. Also, you advocate for genetic testing to determine an individual’s sex, which the American Medical Association specifically warns against in the case of intersex individuals as part of their code of ethics.

In 30 states people can be evicted or fired for being trans. This new policy would remove us from Title IX protections that could allow us to take these measures to court. It would prevent us from getting necessary healthcare through Medicare or Medicaid. It would place barriers in the process of applying for a new passport, driver’s license, or any other piece of identification needed for day-to-day life. Most importantly, it would be a get-out-of-jail-free card for those who harass us and a reminder to all those who face this harassment that our struggle is not important.

While I know that a policy will not stop me from existing or from resisting, this policy could endanger me and hundreds of thousands of others. It is already exhausting enough to live in a society that does not believe in my existence.

I am asking you to believe in me.

I am asking you to do what we as transgender people do every day and resist. I am asking you to resist this policy and to take that resistance up with anyone and everyone in your department. I am asking you to resist an act that would remove federal protection from 1.4 million Americans. I am asking you to give me a chance. I am asking you to listen.

Thank you for your time.