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Alejandra's Wish: Stop the Deportation of Blanca Medina

Could you imagine suffering torture five different times, only to be told that no protection from your torturers was allowed because you missed a deadline to apply?  And what if you missed the deadline because you were still recovering from the last attack?

Blanca Medina doesn't have to imagine what that would be like.  She sought safety in the United States after suffering five rapes.  Because of medical complications relating to those rapes, Blanca missed a hearing to apply for protection and was ordered deported.  An Immigration and Customs Enforcement team tracked Blanca down and detained her, separating her from her four-year-old daughter Alejandra.

Blanca told ICE that she and Alejandra faced severe harm if deported.  She asked for permission to at least explain how she and her daughter could be persecuted.  ICE used a strange procedural rule to assert that it simply did not have to listen.  Under ICE rules, it is free to ignore even conclusive proof that a person would suffer slow death by torture if deported.  This "willful blindness" policy could be ended through simple procedural changes by the Department of Homeland Security.

Until the procedure is fixed, Blanca (and thousands of moms like her) face deportation with no hope of finding protection from persecution or torture.  Join us in asking the U.S. government to end this policy of willful blindness to torture and persecution, and allow reasonable fear interviews for all who face deportation.

Thank you,

Alejandra's Team

This petition was delivered to:
  • ICE San Francisco FIeld Office Director
    Timothy Aitken
  • Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    John Morton
  • Senator
    Dianne Feinstein

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