ALDI: Remove unnecessary plastic wrapping from your shelves

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This week the UK’s biggest supermarket, Tesco, announced it is trialling a scheme in two of its stores in a bid to cut down unnecessary packaging waste by removing plastic-wrapped fruit from its shelves.

I’m calling on Aldi to remove plastic from their fruit and vegetables too.

Aldi is not your small-town discount store anymore. It’s the 5th biggest supermarket chain in the UK and it made over £1bn in sales in 2017. That same year, it sold over 100 million packets of vegetables. And we all know how they come packaged… covered in plastic that ends up in our oceans killing marine life.

This isn’t right.

Two months ago, Marks & Spencer announced it would bring back the traditional greengrocer and launch over 90 lines of loose fruit and veg, which is currently being trialled at the Tolworth store in southwest London.

The British public’s praise of M&S and Tesco’s moves only goes to show we will make the right choices when given the opportunity to do so. 

Aldi has already pledged to make all of its own-label packaging recyclable, reusable,  or compostable by 2022. However, its fruit and veg are still wrapped in plastic packaging that is mostly unrecyclable and unnecessary in the first place. 

Please sign this petition to tell Aldi to start to completely phase out all unnecessary plastic wrapping from fresh produce immediately. Together, we can demand accountability and show them we care about the environment as much as a good bargain!