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ALDI Australia: hens are suffering in these cruel cages - please stop selling cage eggs!

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Their beaks are deliberately cut without painkillers, some are even trampled or starve to death from neglect - and they’re crammed into tiny miserable cages, with no more space than an iPad and can barely move. Most will never see sunlight.

It makes me sick thinking about it. And I've learned ALDI Australia are refusing to put an end to it – they're still buying eggs from these disgusting factories.

I’m a high school student and ever since I got to know my grandma's chickens and learned how hens are smart and full of personality, I can't bear the thought of hens in these disturbing cages.

I’m asking my supermarket ALDI to help end this cruel, outdated practice. ALDI in the US and many parts of Europe have already committed to stop selling cage eggs from their stores and so has Woolworths - but ALDI Australia is still continuing with this barbaric policy! I've joined the movement with Animals Australia to finally end the use of battery cages.

It’s so wrong. Please sign my petition asking ALDI Australia to stop selling cruel cage eggs in their stores - and match what ALDI are doing in the US and much of Europe. It’s time!

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