Stop the installation of a cellular tower atop 1152 N. Christiana Ave.

¡Esta petición logró su objetivo con el apoyo de 134 personas!

Help your neighbors and protect yourself from a massive increase in radiation exposure. Sign this petition and keep the proposed cellular antenna and tower from being installed at the corner of Division (1200N) and Christiana (3350W) on top of the Humboldt Park Residence SRO (Single Resident Occupancy).

When the registered letters were delivered to me and other residents within 250 feet of this proposed installation in December, I communicated with Alderman Maldonado and his Chief of Staff asking that he help us keep this cellular tower installation out our densely populated residential neighborhood.

Having talked to many of my neighbors, I found most of them to be similarly concerned and they agreed to work together against this.

Please join us and sign the petition and join the community in keeping a potentially harmful installation out of our community and help protect us from the danger.

Our main concerns include:

HEALTH: Constant exposure to radiation! FCC Radiation Guidelines are over 20 years old and were last updated when cellular phones were the size of a suitcase. Now almost everyone has a phone in their pocket. The individuals used as the FCC test subjects were all healthy adult males. The elderly, sick, children, women, and pets were not included in the testing. We have expectant mothers living within 250 feet of the proposed installation. There is insufficient data regarding prenatal effects or the potential effects upon developing children, etc. RF (Radio Frequency) waves have no health benefit. The risk is not worth taking.

RISK: Those that support the installation are not our neighbors and would financially benefit from a new cellular tower. They hide behind the antiquated FCC Radiation Guidelines, but completely ignore recent studies in Germany, Brazil and India. These countries have linked increases in health risks to this kind of radiation exposure and have moved to regulate by limiting or ceasing installation of cell towers in residential areas when possible. 

NAYSAYERS: Those that support the installation claim that we are already exposing ourselves to radiation by using our own cellular phones. Choosing to make or receive a handful of telephone calls on any given day is very different than being constantly bombarded with countless RF waves from thousands of users in the network. The only people who want this here are those that will make money on it.

QUALITY-OF-LIFE: The cell tower "consisting of nine (9) new antennas" would be accompanied by "two (2) equipment cabinets and related ancillary equipment." The equipment would likely include multiple diesel backup generators. The generators and other equipment would have to be tested, operated, maintained and replaced from time to time, adding to industrial noise and activity in our residential area. Cellular towers are not attractive, and are entirely out of place in a neighborhood full of residential structures.

NO TESTING OR MONITORING: The installation of this tower will not be accompanied by any study of RF waves prior to the installation, or the monitoring and measurement of the increase in exposure following an installation. Once built, we are on our own. Testing equipment is expensive, highly specialized, and there is no reason why residents should be burdened with this expense and responsibility. When there are viable options as there are in this case, it is irresponsible to install cellular towers in a densely populated residential neighborhood.

GATEWAY TO MORE DANGER: Allowing the installation of one cellular tower for use by one carrier typically opens the door to 2, 3, or more carriers leasing the tower or installing additional new antenna, thereby increasing radiation exposure exponentially.

HOME VALUE: For many owners, the question of potential negative effect on their home's value due to being in close proximity to a cellular tower is a serious one. For most of us, our homes are our largest investment, and if we are concerned about the potential installation of a cellular tower, you can be assured that many future potential buyers or potential builders and investors will also be concerned or thwarted.

OTHER OPTIONS AVAILABLE: Looking just a block west of the proposed installation site, there is a large warehousing/manufacturing area close the the Metra/railroad tracks. Moving this installation anywhere close to the train tracks would put it in a non-residential area that is sporadically inhabited only part of the day or week unlike our homes which are occupied 24/7/365. Pursuing options for this industrial installation in the warehousing/manufacturing area nearby is not only compatible aesthetically, it would greatly diminish our exposure to unchecked levels of radiation.

PROTECTING THOSE WITHOUT A VOICE: The primary purpose of the SRO building that is the proposed installation site is to provide affordable housing to those that are struggling to pay rent. Some have suffered from addiction, have emotional issues, are undergoing treatment and/or counseling/therapy, and in general are often having a hard time getting their lives together. They pay $366/month and often struggle to do so. Do they need an added challenge to be constantly exposed to radiation? Is this going to help them get back on their feet? No and NO! It simply cannot personally help them in any way, and it might actually harm them. And they are not in any position to voice their concerns to the building owner as their housing options are limited.

Please sign the petition. Please state your first and last name. If you would please specify whether or not there are children under the age of 18 in your home, and how many, and if you are a registered voter in the City of Chicago it will help send a more powerful message.

If you have any questions, you can contact me directly at Some have told me they don't like yahoo, so you can also reach me at Please stay in touch and thanks for joining in the effort.

Your neighbor in Humboldt Park since 2002, and sincerely,

Kurt Gippert


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