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Alderman Matt O’Shea and State Senator Bill Cunningham have released an education proposal that would close Kate Starr Kellogg Elementary School, eliminating a quality educational option for 19th Ward families. O’Shea’s plan would give Mt. Greenwood School the building that houses Keller Regional Gifted Center, and then give Keller the building that houses Kellogg. It would then send attendance-area Kellogg families to Sutherland, effectively closing Kellogg School.

The Problem

Alderman O’Shea must withdraw his school closure plan because it would hurt Beverly families in the following ways:

1.     O’Shea’s plan attempts to address overcrowding at one school (Mt. Greenwood) by creating overcrowding at another (Sutherland).  His plan disrupts three schools for the sake of one.

2.     O’Shea’s plan will deny 19th Ward families access to two high performing schools and negatively impact property values as a result.

3.     O’Shea’s closure plan will disproportionately affect students of color from the 19th Ward and reflect badly on our neighborhood and ward.

4.     O’Shea’s plan will break up a longstanding school community at Kellogg.

5.     O’Shea’s plan will replace a neighborhood school with one that is by definition a non-neighborhood school.

6.     Alderman O’Shea has failed to pursue basic alternatives to address overcrowding.

7.     O’Shea’s plan--and the justification for it--relies heavily on faulty, inaccurate, and misleading data.

Take Action

Tell Alderman O’Shea to withdraw his plan and let a Joint Task Force do the research and planning necessary to propose options that would strengthen our neighborhood and its public schools, rather than destroy them. 


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