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John La Tour - Resign from Fayetteville City Council

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Fayetteville deserves elected representatives that represent the values of our community, work for their constituents, and strive to make our city the strongest, most vibrant community it can be.  John La Tour does not adequately represent the City of Fayetteville or the residents of Ward 4.  We call on him to resign from his position as Alderman.

Alderman La Tour took office with only 40% of the vote in a crowded field of candidates, barely avoiding a runoff due to the vote split between his many rivals.  Starting with his first action in office, he made it clear that he has no intent to represent the people of Ward 4.  Instead, he uses his power to promote self-serving actions at the expense of the residents of Fayetteville.

Mr. La Tour is an obstructionist and he is politically unfit to promote responsible growth in Fayetteville.  He is disrespectful of city staff, uninformed at City Council meetings, and belligerent and combative with constituents.

Now he has proven ethically unfit to represent Fayetteville as well!  John La Tour has been a vocal opponent of equal rights, campaigning on a platform of fear and discrimination in 2014.  On Friday, March 18, 2016, Alderman La Tour entered a long-standing locally-owned business and harassed a respected employee, demanding she announce her gender for him.  During the exchange, he suggested he would prove his own gender by exposing himself in a public restaurant.

Alderman La Tour's disrespect for the image, staff, businesses and people of Fayetteville, and his deplorable public spectacle make him unfit to be our legislative representative.  We, the undersigned, demand his immediate resignation and request he be replaced with someone who will work for Fayetteville and the interests of Ward 4 residents.

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