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As long time residents of the immediately affected blocks surrounding this "neighborhood improvement", we are shocked and horrified that such a SUBSTANTIAL change to the safety, traffic flow and VISUAL appearance of our intersection at Lincoln/Southport/Wellington was approved and implemented.

We have noticed a MARKED increase in the amount of traffic congestion on our block as cars/trucks/service vehicles struggle with the sharp turns that have been made much tighter due to this "improvement".  From a visual perspective... creating "POLKA DOT PARK" as it is being referred to in our neighborhood... is an expensive eyesore that has no place in our neighborhood.  The beautiful church on the corner that is regularly photographed by visitors to our neighborhood is now also ruined by the GARISH neon polka dots!  Creating the equivalent of a "playground looking park" encouraging children to now PLAY in what was normally a vital free flowing intersection is a recipe for disaster.

Residents/business owners and affected individuals on the surrounding streets demand that the data about the traffic flow and plans for how exactly this is supposed to help us during non-summer months was thought through.  Seeing the price tag of 150k (reported) on this project just adds more insult as we view this as a poorly planned design pet project that is now an eyesore and danger to residents / bikers and service vehicles.

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