All special needs children should have equal rights to education & support in school

All special needs children should have equal rights to education & support in school

3 March 2022
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Alderbrook primary school Balham (SENCO & HEAD TEACHER) and 1 other
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Why this petition matters

Started by Natalie Steadman

My daughter Mckenzie gets isolated into the school garden and sensory room on a numerous of occasions because of her ADHD , autism, speech & language delay .

My daughter Mckenzie has been refused her full time hours by the head teacher & Senco, it’s been 6 months since she started at Alderbrook  , the schools response for not giving Mckenzie her full time hours is due to the facts they are not sure they can keep my daughter safe until the Ehcp funding is granted .   

Every time I pick up Mckenzie , after reaching home and attempting to change her nappies , I always find lots of sand in her nappies and what looks like debris. I have photo evidence of this on different occasions .

The teachers bring Mckenzie to the office entrance when I am picking her up in just her nappies , no shoes , no jacket or trousers have been put back on her for what so ever reason .

The teachers have told me on many occasions, my daughter has been left to put her foot in the kids toilets to the point all of her clothes are wet . 

Teachers have left me & my daughter standing outside 5 minutes pass drop off time because the specific PA is not ready for my daughter to come in and join the other kids in her class .

After 6 months of my daughter being in the school , not once have I been told of any educational settings put in place for my daughter Mckenzie who has possible autism , ADHD & speech language delay.

I have picked up my daughter on a number of occasions & it was upsetting to see her running about in her nappies whiles the teachers watched her , with other parents and school children present , I had to quickly grab my daughter and deal with her myself while the teachers stood there .

They never change my daughters nappies in the 3 hours she is in the school , I have had to complaint over a 100 times . 

I have spoken to other parents who have kids in the school with SPECIAL NEEDS & they have also admitted of their kids being treated the same . 

I need every parent to share & sign this petition . All disabled children should be treated equally at Alderbrook primary school Balham & not singled out because of their disability in both nursery & Primary schools all over the world .

The school also does not have a complaint procedure online because I have tried to open the document & it comes up blank .

They also refused to allow me the right for a formal complaint & this is why I have started this petition for a change in not just Alderbrook school & how they treat kids with specials needs but this is a message I would like help & support to spread from every parent who can relate to this issue so our voices are heard all across the Uk & worldwide for equality in the school environment for children with special needs . They are human & have the same rights to education & equal treatment like every other child.

At the moment , the head teacher & Senco at Alderbrook wants to kick out Mckenzie from the school but my daughter loves it there , she settling in & you should see the big smile on her face when I am getting her ready for school . 


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Signatures: 283Next Goal: 500
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  • Alderbrook primary school BalhamSENCO & HEAD TEACHER
  • Catherine roots (SENCO) & Headteacher Mr Will