Stop Enabling Development in the Alde&Ore Estuary

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Through Enabling Development (ED) the Alde & Ore Estuary Partnership (AOEP) plan to build executive homes across the estuary to fund work on coastal defences. They claim to have community support despite no evidence to substantiate this. In fact, based on their 'Estuary Plan' very few among the community will benefit from a project that is skewed heavily in favour of protecting the assets of private landowners.

ED is meant to be a 'last resort' policy deployed to save heritage assets through a one-off financial injection. However the coastal defences will need continuous financing in the future rendering the application of ED wholly inappropriate. Furthermore by opening the back door to this kind of planning application our local councils will come under increasing pressure from developers leveraging precedent to force through their own applications. As a consequence the entire Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) will come under threat of new building development.

We are not at all blind to the need for improvement work to the coastal defences however we believe a better, more equitable and sustainable solution to financing must be found to protect our AONB from the threat of wholly unnecessary building development.