Jason Kenney and the UCP Must Step Down

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For a year now, Jason Kenney and the United Conservative Party have been making irresponsible decisions such as removing tuition caps in Alberta Universities, spending money on needless projects such as the 7.5 billion dollar "investment" in the Pipeline, selling off Alberta Park, breaking contracts with Alberta Doctors, Fired Teaching staff, Ended groups designed to for the safety of LGBT youth in schools, passed Bills that would remove human right from protests, the list of violations against Albertans goes on and on.

I have a growing list of over 100 violations against Albertans in the first year they've been in power. And They still have 3 years to go.  

Enough is Enough, We Albertans demand that the Jason Kenney and the UCP step down. They have shown time and again that the United Conservative Party works only for itself and not for Albertans. It's time to give the power back to Albertans. Jason Kenney refuses to listen to the people, its time we make our voices heard.