To provide access to medical care for all Albertan Pets in need

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This petition is to encourage the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association to allow veterinarians to give medical care and advice to pets in need via an online virtual telemedicine service. 

By signing this petition you believe that an online service to connect a pet owner immediately to a veterinarian during times of emergencies or when a pet owner cannot get to a veterinarian will help the wellbeing of our pets.  

As Gandhi once said “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” 

In Alberta, there are many pets that develop illnesses and ailments that affect their health and quality of life.  Unfortunately medical care is not readily available to them all.  Pets living in remote regions (rural, northern communities), pets living in poverty, pets belonging to people who are unable to get their pet to a clinic (seniors, disabled, mental or physical disabilities, travel difficulties or distances) or pets that are difficult to get to a clinic are all left uncared for.  This problem has been made worse recently due to the pandemic.  Many people are unable to leave their homes to get their pet the help they need or they are suffering financially.  By providing an easily accessible and affordable service we can help our beloved fur family.