Protect the South Eastern Slopes of the Rockies from International Coal Mining.

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The provincial government of Alberta has made a decision to remove the Coal Policy protections, which have been in place since 1970. This policy helped to ensure that there were adequate environmental and regulatory protection measures in place before new coal projects were authorized. As of June 1st, 2020 the government of Alberta revoked this policy claiming it is "obsolete" due to "regulatory, policy and planning advancements" However coal mining is still highly  destructive to any ecosystem.

Mountain top mining has lasting and devastating effects such as deforestation, destruction of mountain peaks, and a large carbon footprint. It doesn't stop there, the most effected part of an ecosystem from these mining projects are the watersheds. The rock that is removed is disposed in the valleys where rivers are located. These large amounts of rock can build up and block key headwater streams. Another impact of this disposal of waste rock is the degradation of water quality, this tactic can lead to an increase in the concentration of Sulfate ions up to 30-40x. The destruction of these watersheds has effects on wildlife in the area especially to the native trout species that call these water sheds home.

The areas that are proposed for coal mines are used for angling hiking, mountain biking, camping and exploring. These changes will take away from the natural beauty and solitude in these areas. Many tourists come here and support local businesses such as fly shops and restaurants. I am 16 and love to fly fish, hike and explore here, it is my happy place. These areas need to be protected from the destructive tendencies of coal mining.

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