Please help stop the exploitation of Alberta seniors and low income families

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COVE Community trailer parks in Canada (prior Lansdowne Equity Ventures), are the most expensive trailer parks in Canada, with Calgary Village (prior Penbrooke Heritage Estates at a whopping $1025 lot rent, increased to $1075 Oct. 1, 2018.

Please sign the following petition to let our provincial governments know that seniors and low income are being exploited under the current Mobile Home Tenancy Act that has not been updated since 2000. 

As residents of COVE Communities parks, prior Lansdowne Equity Ventures, we have seen our rent increase by 30% since 2015 and our sales blocked that has resulted in a significant increase in trailers being seized in as short as 5 days late lot rent, which mobile home park owners have done superficial renovations to resell, over and over again. Owners are charged a $100 (reduced to $50 plus NSF 2018) plus a daily fee for late lot rent.

Its time low income families and seniors are stopped being exploited and we ask for your help to tell the Alberta Government and our community leaders that its time to investigate the activities of these park owners who abuse the current lack of legislation and have our voices heard to bring owner rights in line with renter rights. These companies have built their business models on the lack of protections that are costing those most vulnerable their homes, life savings and credit ratings.

Proposed Legislation: 

1) Legislation that requires mobile home parks to disclose projected future increases and to provide a 5 year history of prior lot increases and service changes.

2) Legislation that helps to protect low income families and seniors from mobile home park owners that prey on the fact that moving a mobile home is prohibitively expensive and raises lot rents dramatically knowing that most tenants can’t afford to keep paying.

3) Legislation that requires mobile home parks to not block or interfere with the sales of mobile homes in an attempt to force foreclosure to seize the asset for profit.

4) Legislation that prevents mobile home parks from renting park owned units for less than owner pad rent.

5) Legislation that requires mobile home parks who renovate their own trailers to obtain a permit and mandatory city/township inspection.

6) Legislation that is in line with the Landlord Tenants Act that brings late fees and evictions in line with renters rights.

7) Legislation that prevents mobile home parks to offer pad rent incentives for buyers of park owned units if it causes an unfair advantage to park owner from selling a unit. 

8) Legislation that prevents mobile home park owners from extending the statute of limitations beyond the current legal statute of two years.

9) Legislation that prevents mobile home park owners from including a condition of sale that units cannot be moved for five years.