Get Jason Kenney out of office.

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To the Legislature Assembly of Alberta, in Legislature Assembled: 

We, the undersigned residents of Alberta, petition the Legislature Assembly urge the Government of Alberta to remove Jason Kenny as the Premier of Alberta. 

Jason Kenney has pulled the last straw with his speechwriter claiming that residential schools are a “bogus genocide story” and does not see the need to A) fire him, and B) apologize for that hideous remark. 
Kenney throughout his whole time in office so far has been screwing over Albertans left, right, and centre. From cuts to rural Alberta doctors, to wanting to decrease minimum wage while the cost of living is ridiculous, to losing teacher’s pensions, to cuts to universities that are so bad that even the sports teams have been canceled due to funding. 
Where is this money going? Who is this “big threat” to Alberta oil that we need to defund everything? What is going on in his “War Room”? 
We forgot that in 2011 that Kenney was an immigration minister and proposed a niqab ban when Harper was in office. “"... We believe that everyone taking the oath of citizenship, a public act, should do so openly, on equal terms, and without covering their face," he said in September last year. "Today's ruling not only goes against the democratic will of Canadians, but against long-held Canadian values of openness and the equality of women and men." When here in 2020, we’re all covering our faces due to COVID-19. 

We cannot have a premier in office that is okay with dividing people, defunding everything that makes us Albertan, as he’s lining his pockets while many Albertans are jobless and becoming homeless because of this pandemic.