Stop the Alberta Government from selling our Mountains

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It all began when Alberta’s United Conservative Party government rescinded a decades-old policy that prevented coal companies from surface mining in the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountains.

The decision came into effect in June in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was lauded by Energy Minister Sonya Savage as a way to “help attract new investment for an important industry.”

Australian Billionair Gina Rinehart has woo’ed Alberta premiere Jason kenney into passing a bill to allow her to coal mine from the Rocky Mountains here in Alberta. The mine, which is forecast to produce 4.5 million tonnes of steelmaking coal per year, would span 2,800 hectares, and is said to cause harm to wildlife and water in the area. 

Not only is another countries billionare the one destroying our land, but the coal is going to be sold overseas to Asian markets. 

The Rocky Mountains are some of the youngest mountains to exist, and are famous for how pointy and jagged the tops are. If we allow this coal mining to proceed then the tops of these mountains will be destroyed and removed.

Local farmers are worried that this will cause major pollution, and be destructive to southern Alberta. 

The Canadian government has also committed to eliminating coal-fired power by 2030, and this plan goes against steps taken to reduce our planets carbon footprint

Once this mining starts, the mountains can’t be restored and we will forever lose a piece of our natural history.