Demanding Action for Increased Safety of Individuals Working in High Risk Environments

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It’s absolutely unacceptable. Staff burnout, PTSD, long term injuries, and death.

It’s TIME to WAKE UP policy and change makers!

Leaders need to take a hard look at the way we care for vulnerable and high risk populations and the associated long term risks and impacts on both, the person in care, and the care takers. How can we keep everyone (client and staff) safe? Are these people working alone? Is people’s safety being jeopardized by a tight budget? Why? We need answers, we need change.

We are experiencing a serious issue in Alberta. Over the last 10 years, there have been handfuls of situations where people’s safety is at risk, resulting in serious long term injuries and death. Sorry, “mental health days” don’t cut it.

If you open your browser, and type in “group home worker deaths in Alberta”, your page will be loaded with at least six articles of incidents that resulted in death from working in social agency high risk environments, since 2007.

I cannot express in words how important it is to advocate for your safety in the workplace. Not everyone gets a second chance, like this lady and so many others.

“A youth social worker employed by Wood’s Homes was fatally stabbed early Friday morning ( October 24, 2019) while she was on the job caring for a man, police say.

Deborah Onwu, 47, of Calgary, was identified by police as the victim found at a residence in the 1800 block of 27th Avenue S.W. around 2:45 a.m. Police say an 18-year-old at the assisted living facility was arrested about two hours later.”

I am an example of someone who was blessed with a second chance, a chance to make it right.

Hello. This is your wake up call calling. We can ALL create change by advocating for safe work environments for everyone by signing this petition!

This petition is to create more awareness and understanding about the dangers associated with working in high risk environments. There is a critical need for changes and to increase the awareness about the lack of safety policies currently in place while working in high risk environments.

To our leaders, politicians, governments, and to anyone else who has the power to help create change and develop policies around increased safety for people working in high risk environments, please help! It’s time.

This petition is in honour of Deborah, and all of the other working professionals who have experienced harm or who have died as a result of working in high risk environments, and to their families and friends. We can’t bring them home to you, but my hope is that we will fight for them and for others working with vulnerable populations to create more awareness and change around safety.