Ban Dog Tethering in Alberta

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Animal behaviour experts are consistent in their stance that tethering of any breed of dog is "cruel and inhumane." Dogs on tethers are denied their instinctive nature to explore their environment and to socialize. Edmonton bylaw states that dogs cannot be tethered for more than five hours within a 24-hour period, and the city of Calgary has banned all tethering of unattended dogs.

Despite the progress some cities have made on this issue and despite copious research which shows unfailingly that dogs suffer when left tethered, the province of Alberta has yet to ban this abusive practice. Consequently, many dogs in rural areas are neglected on chains for hours, days, and even months. These chains are often documented to be just a few feet long.

Nothing can currently be done by law enforcement to protect dogs against this kind of abuse because there is no such law to enforce. With your signature and sharing of this petition, you will send a message to the Alberta government that people care about the well-being of dogs and demand an avenue to protect these innocent beings from a life on a chain.