Stop recognizing 'LVI' Dentist Courses for Continuing Education Credit

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Sponsored continuing education has provided harmful information for physicians and dentists for decades. Physician courses were tainted by Big Pharma. Dentist training has been known to be tainted with misinformation from dental labs and manufacturers who sponsor training programs. One dentist program that has been cited by many experts as being closely associated with malpractice cases is known as 'LVI' (Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Education). The training programs appear to have pushed the over-use of porcelain veneers/crowns for the treatment of crooked teeth, headaches and jaw joint problems, and reduced the emphasis of alternative treatment options which would have been more conservative, less risky and more affordable. 

Patients 'over-drilled' by the protocols and instructions from non-dentist lab technicians are often irreversibly harmed for life. Complications include high risk of root canals, significant repair costs and premature loss of teeth. The healthy enamel and dentin drilled away never re-grows. Often a team of specialists is required to assist patients in their long, expensive and painful journey back to health. 

One of the largest dental labs in North America promoted the program and profited from the dentists who often increased their use of porcelain restorations. The Alberta dental authority and Canadian Dental Association awarded the lab owner associated with LVI top honors, provided continuing education points for attending dentists while hiding grave concerns with the training provided by the program.

The Alberta Dental Association & College failed to warn the public of these concerns and did not warn the public about the risks they were taking when their dentists encouraged them to be flown to Las Vegas for live training when malpractice coverage would likely not cover their dentist. The ADA&C also banned a publication which revealed concerns about this problem- citing it would harm the reputation of the dental profession. Rather than directly addressing the problems with LVI the dental authority chose to use strict advertising rules such as a ban on the use of the term 'smile makeover' and use of 'before & after' photos thinking it would reduce the problem. This step was not effective and more patients continue to become victims of over-treatment based on LVI training. Recognizing the risks that questionable continuing education may have on unsuspecting patients it is important to pass regulation that removes 'LVI' courses from the approved course list.