Save Our 4-H Alberta


Save Our 4-H Alberta

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4-H Families started this petition to 4-H Alberta Board of Directors

This petition is to save the members of 4-H Alberta (the Kids and their families) from the Board of directors of 4-H Alberta and their proposed new bylaws to the regions.

In those bylaws, they are trying to amalgamate 4 different regions In to 2 super regions. Sounds good right….. Well it’s NOT this will affect all the kids in those regions one way or another. The boards reasons to save money and make more opportunity for members…. Well I really beg to differ that statement.

Already the regions are geographically big. The 4-H board is wanting to super sizing them. Regions already have good size travel time. Add this to making them bigger, you have even longer travel. Kids and parent's may have to travel upwards to 2-6 hours to make an event. This is an extra expensive to that members family…

For an example, most events start at 9-10 am. Parents and kids - A) Getting up extremely early to drive there. B) Having to rent a hotel room or 2 depending on family size, and meals. This all depending on what event is being held from public speaking to a judge competition or CDM this event may take 2 to 8 hours. Talking about the drive home add another they will have to pay for on the road. EXPENSES EXPENSES EXPENSES. Members are going to have to pay. Some families may not be able to financially support all the extra expenses. This is not fair to them for the extra burdens.

Now let talk about participation. Are families going to want to do more at their expense? No…so, the programs that are offered or events are going to suffer for the lack of participation. In our region now we are feeling it and seeing it is hard that families don’t like to travel. Now to super size the regions this is going to make it worse. This is going to take away those awesome opportunities from the members. They are losing out on a great learning experience as well to have a chance to meet other 4H kids in their region. 

Now if that’s not bad enough, the 4-H board are also wanting to amalgamate district within the region as well. This is going to make greater travel distances and times. Events happen after school and may need to drive across the county. For some that live an hour away is pushing it. Add further now. Did I mention lots of these event happening in the winter months. District, regional events, and meetings happen in this time of year, when roads are bad and snow storm. Let's not forget the road closer we get from time to time.

Other proposed changes is to cut down on the people that can attend regional meeting. Sounds good right? Well, their proposing closed door meeting…….. yes, closed doors. Since when do non profit organization have closed door meetings? This directly affect those members they are working and planning events for or the members they are representing. Why, do they have to keep members or volunteer out. As well, if you thought it was hard to find help to volunteer for events now this is great way to make it worse. We are volunteer run. 

Our fundraisers are going to feel it as well especially our Casino night. You'r thinking well how, right??? Well, every region now is allowed to have one Casino every so many years. This is to help pay for camp and events and to pay for membership dues in some regions. Well, if regions are forced to amalgamate they have to drop one Casino. Well, that’s not bad…. No, it is bad here’s why.

For example region 1) has 600 members in it and make 50k at their Casino region 2) has 400 kids and make 40K at theirs. That’s a total of 80 k for two separate regions to represent 1000 kids. Now, if they are amalgamated they are cut down to one casino. That saying, for example we keep region one 50K Casino. The same 1000 kids only get 50 K instead of 80 K. It’s a loss of 40K that they could use for camps and other events. That is a huge hit to those kids and the programs that those regions offer. Who’s going to pick up the tab??? I guarantee we all know that answer… the member. 

Some of the information I have mentioned is only the tip of the iceberg. This will affect scholarship, diary points, competition equality, fair representation of members in each region…. The list goes on and on, this board didn’t do its homework right and is rushing this process, and who’s going to pay for their mistakes…The kids.

Oh, did I mention that this proposed bylaw was only presented to out regional Council‘s across the province the week of August 24 to 27 and that all suggestions comments and concerns need to be in by September 8. This fast tracking so, they can vote on it and passing it on September 11,12 at 4-H Alberta’s Board of Directors retreat. To be implemented for the new year October 1, 2021.

Shocking isn’t it…. How can you have regional meetings, district meetings and club meetings to discuss this bylaw and share the information with the one’s that is going to affect, the members? A time of 13 to 17 days to get the information out and back to our respected representatives in the district and regional Council’s. To voice our concerns our recommendations as well as for and against this proposed bylaws. This is certainly not enough time! An unreasonable amount of time especially when people are harvesting, camping and getting ready to go back to school, the busy time when we don't have time to sit down and talk.

I am a parent and volunteer to the 4-H organization as well as I was a 4-H member back in my day. I want to see the 4-H program grow and become successful as well  as being a great learning and life experience for my kids and my future grandkids.

Now, I am asking from you to sign this petition to postpone the vote on September 11,12 to give Regional and Districts and Clubs time to discuss and deliberate to come up with conclusions, suggestions and concerns to the proposed bylaws.

The timeline does not give a fair representation of all the voices of the members and their families in this short amount of time. Let’s stand up for what is right and let our voices be heard. It will impact all current and future members if this process is not done right. It’s time to stand up to Alberta 4-H board of directors.


This petition made change with 1,555 supporters!

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