Commit to clean energy at our schools to power a brighter, healthier future for our youth

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As students, parents and community members, we are asking Albemarle County School Board to pass a resolution (included below) that declares its ongoing commitment to reducing its energy demand and increasing its clean energy sourcing. We applaud the existing efforts and leadership of Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS) to adopt energy efficiency and clean energy into its operations, and we are encouraging ACPS to continue its investment in protecting the future of our youth through clean energy.

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WHEREAS, Albemarle County Public Schools are committed to personal and academic excellence and preparing all current and future students to be engaged citizens who make contributions to the well-being of their community, including the natural environment; and 

WHEREAS, there is scientific consensus regarding the reality of climate change and the recognition that human activity, especially the combustion of fossil fuels that create greenhouse gases, is an important driver of climate change; and 

WHEREAS, climate change has been widely recognized by government, business, academic, and other community leaders as a worldwide threat that is harming our economy, safety, public health and quality of life now and in the future; and 

WHEREAS, children represent a particularly vulnerable group because greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere will continue to accumulate over the coming decades and will profoundly impact our current students throughout their lives, as well as the lives of future generations; and

WHEREAS, actions that reduce climate pollution and increase energy efficiencies will also lead to a cleaner environment, a better quality of life for both students and community members, energy security, domestic job security, and increase economic competitiveness; and

WHEREAS, through buildings, practices, and partnerships, Albemarle County Public Schools strives for energy-efficiency, sustainability, and eco-friendliness; and 

WHEREAS, renewable power installations and energy savings initiatives provide an educational opportunity for students and employees for everyday teaching and learning.

WHEREAS, Albemarle County Public Schools has been deliberate and proactive in taking actions directly related to climate protection, including:

●       In 2012, installation of a 42-kilowatt photovoltaic system at Henley Middle School

●       In 2014, installation of solar powered tables/plugs to charge devices at Western Albemarle High School

●       In 2015, executed the first Power Purchase Agreement in Commonwealth of Virginia. The 1.1 megawatt system included the installation of more than 3,000 solar panels on six schools

●       In 2018, implementation of a $7.5 million Guaranteed Energy Savings Performance Contract to provide energy efficiency and infrastructure upgrades to 22 schools and is expected to save more than $8.7 million over the 12-year term 

WHEREAS, Albemarle County Public Schools are committed to leveraging all available resources responsibly and efficiently to maximize student services, improve public health/attendance, and ensure quality instruction; and 

WHEREAS, the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors passed a resolution in September 2017 to reaffirm commitment to support local actions to reduce climate pollution; and has adopted long-term strategic goals to protect natural resources, safeguard the quality of life of current and future generations, foster economic prosperity, and invest in critical infrastructure;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the Albemarle County Public School Board commits to continue efforts to reduce the energy use of buildings and operations through conservation and efficiency upgrades, as well as, secure renewable energy systems where practical, such as solar, for current and future school buildings that result in reduced dependence on fossil fuel energy sources and increased utility cost savings.

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