Support women's rights and justice in countries like Albania

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I am currently working on writing a book about men acting as "Casanova" and selling their love to unsuspecting women! I think that this should be treated as a crime and since I have kept all evidence and receipts etc. I am willing to make the start of this issue. Please help me by following my footsteps, just think, it could happen to you, a friend of yours, your daughter . . . . what would you do? 


After meeting this man while he was in an Albanian prison for a crime that he denied. His brother was not able at the last minute to lend him the money for his freedom and so he asked for my help. I am a British citizen, a single mother with a 12-year-old son, living in Greece on a very basic income and no support whatsoever from anybody.

Within 3 years, this man managed to take over 25 000 Euros, a Mercedes car, 2 businesses which he donated to his family, new expensive clothes and many other items by selling me his love. He married me on the 20th December 2016, after having a parallel relationship with two other women from which, he had also taken large amounts of money while he was in prison. After the marriage and as soon as he obtained his European green card and work permit, he disappeared completely telling us a lie that he had to remove a bullet that was in his lung. After his disappearance, my son and I found a chest x-ray belonging to this man and to our shock, after taking it to 3 different doctors, we were told that there was no bullet in his lung!

On the 1st April 2017, I was pregnant and he punched my head, I fell down some stairs and lost the baby. I believe that this was done purposely because he didn't want a family although he swore that he did want a family. During the short marriage, he told many many lies to me and my son. He used and abused us just to empty both of our bank accounts and as soon as he managed to do this and also get his documents for Europe fixed, he abandoned us and left us in great debt!

I can prove everything that I have written with written messages, photos, and receipts. I have sued this man and I ask for everybody's help to make the Albanian court punish this man for fraud, lies, and violence. Any comments or questions will be immediately responded to!

Please help me find justice and to make "sold love" illegal.

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