Drunk driver, killed 4 year old Floyd Mack Jr, is applying for parole he should be denied

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John Knauss a repeat drunken driver has requested a parole hearing. He should not be released after killing my 4 year old brother! Please sign this petition as soon as possible, it will be submitted to the parole board for his hearing on 9/26/2016. My name is Jeanette Boshears, I am a victim of John Knauss and his actions. On November 27, 2001 at 15 years old, my family was completely destroyed because of John Knauss, who was drinking and driving. My mom, Linda Mack was driving my 4 year old brother, Floyd Mack Jr and I home from a late family dinner, when we were hit in a head on collision with John Knauss. Our truck burst into flames, I was pulled from the truck first. I could hear my mom screaming in pain, she was pulled from the truck next. No one realized my brother was in the truck because he slipped out of his seat belt, but they determined that he was killed on impact. My dad, Floyd Mack Sr was in a separate truck and had stopped at the store before being diverted around our accident to get home. He went into a panic when he realized we hadn't made it home before him. Then he got the phone call from the hospital. We spent about 6 months in the hospital with my mom who was burned on nearly 80% of her body and had many broken bones. It's been almost 15 years and my family is still in constant pain physically and emotionally every single day. We must look in the mirror and see nothing but scars across our faces and burn marks on our bodies, that are still extremely sensitive to this day. We must face each day without our brother/son/uncle/nephew/cousin. I will never have my best friend. My daughter has never met him and will never have a biological aunt or uncle from my side. My dad will never have his Mister and my mom won't have her Sunshine. John was sentenced to 25 years for killing my brother and an additional 2 1/2 years for paralyzing another man before. I don't believe he should be released. He was given this sentence because it was an awful crime he committed. If I must live with his actions every single day for the rest of my life then he should suffer his consequences. He's only finished 60% of his sentence, he still has 10 years for my brother and 2 1/2 for the other man he paralyzed before us. 10/3/99 paralyzed a man while drinking and driving 12/12/99 drinking and driving and stole a car and somehow the drinking and driving was dismissed. 11/27/2001 drinking and driving and killed 4 year old Floyd Mack Jr.

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