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Put law enforcement in every Alaska village, increase the budget line for VPSO's in the state's annual spending plan.

Alaska ranks first in the United States in the number of reported rapes of girls and women. 

 This petition was inspired by the CNN article by John Sutter on the violence against women in Alaska caused, in part, by the lack of law enforceent officers in the villages.

In many Alaskan villages there is no way  --none--  to enforce the law or stop the violence.  Although more state police would solve the problem, that solution is too expensive.  The answer that will help and which we can afford to is increase the number of Village Public Safety Officers (VPSOs).


Yet, in many villages there is no law enforcement on hand to deal with the violence. In addition to the State Police, there are Village Public Safety Officers (VPSO's) that serve as first responders to these attacks. The problem is that in many villages there is no VPSO or police to keep the peace. The presence of VPSOs would greatly improve the safety for all people in a village.


Rape and other forms of domestic violence often occur because the normally respectful village man drinks illegal “home brew” or black market alcohol, loses his self-control, and becomes a rapist who knows it will be hours, or even days, before law enforcement can respond to a reported incident because there is no VPSO in the village. If we place VPSOs in villages, then they can directly reduce the number of rapes by responding to incidents immediately.  Also, VPSOs can shut the alcohol gateway to rape and other forms of violence by being in the village to cut the alcohol supply chain. 


Please sign this petition as a way of asking our government officials to protect the girls and women in our villages.


Thank you.


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