Ensure Centerlink Accept Doctor Certificates

The AUWU receives many cases of people unhappy with Centrelink and their job agencies.

Over the past few months, the AUWU have received a high amount of calls from people who are having their doctor certificates rejected by Centrelink any without explanation.

Take the example of Anna (not her real name).

Anna is fighting ovarian cancer and is still recovering from a previous surgery. She cannot stand/walk or sit for long periods of time.

Anna has very severe anxiety and depression and is seeing a psychologist, who are providing her with Centerlink Medical Certificates. Recently, Centrelink denied Anna's medical certificate even though her situation has worsened and she was hospitalized. 

Anna has been advised by the Centrelink social worker that Centrelink's Head Office is responsible for the denial of the medical certificates and that no reason has been given for the denial. The social worker responsible is attempting to get Centrelink head office to change their minds but if they don't, Anna will be expected to look for work despite being admitted to hospital. 

There are a number of other people just like Anna who have contacted the AUWU stating that their doctor certificates have not been accepted.

How can Centrelink staff members - who have no medical training - have the authority to deny Centrelink medical certificates? 

As a result of this punitive policy, countless Australians are having their severe medical issues ignored by Centrelink, which is leading to these issues being exacerbated. .

The AUWU are waiting for a response from Human Services Minister Alan Tudge.

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