Demand Linda Hasenfratz Be Fired from Western for Vacationing to Barbados during Covid-19

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Linda Hasenfratz, Western University's Chancellor and a member of Ontario's Covid-19 Vaccine Task Force went against everything our university has told us since March 2020 by vacationing to Barbados at the height of the pandemic. She is a disgrace to our university, she is a disgrace to Ontario, and a disgrace to science. Linda Hasenfratz is undeserving of this position at our university, and should be removed. 

For 10 months, we have stayed at home due to Covid-19. We have, as a community, done everything to avoid putting ourselves, our community, and our university at risk. When they told us to do distance learning, we agreed. When they closed down the rec center and asked us to pay to keep the lights on, we agreed.  When Western told us to pay full tuition even though most of our classes were online, we agreed.

It seems like there is a blatant double standard for these individuals. While they tell us to follow the rules and to "protect the vulnerable", it's business as usual for them. While our inbox gets spammed with "Keep our campus safe from Covid" emails, these people are spreading the virus from country to country. While our economy is tanking, they take trips abroad.

It's time for President Alan Shepard to fire Linda Hasenfratz. Otherwise, he is equally culpable by enabling this behaviour and the next petition will be for his resignation.