Coyotes in Thornhill - Allocate Appropriate Resources

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Thornhill's Ward 5 currently has menacing coyotes in the neighborhood. Animal Services has determined these coyotes have lost their natural fear of humans and have become too bold. As residents we have the right to feel safe from menacing coyotes and should not have to fear encountering a menacing coyote.

Wildlife education and resident hazing of coyotes is important. However, given the current situation of menacing, habituated coyotes, it is unreasonable to expect ordinary citizens who are scared themselves to take responsibility to haze the coyotes. 

We call on our elected official, Alan Shefman, Ward 5 City Councillor, to allocate the appropriate and necessary city resources to ensure residents safety. This must include a continuous presence of Vaughan Animal Service professionals in the immediate area, searching for the coyotes to continuously and intensely haze them. As well, because many residents have taken to social media reporting sightings, an online social media platform (such as a facebook group) for real-time reporting by residents must be created and continuously monitored by the Animal Service officer to aid in collaboration and allow Animal Service officers to respond in real time. While this process is underway, we expect regular updates our Ward 5 City Councillor and Animal Services. Although local Animal Services officer, Carly Feldman, has been exemplary in trying to educate the community and haze the coyotes, the problem can not be resolved until there is an adequate amount of resources allocated, improved collaboration for sightings and regular communication from the city. 

Menacing coyotes pose a threat to pets and humans. Thornhill is home to many schools and families with children and pets. It is unacceptable to have menacing coyotes in proximity to school children playing, brazenly walking streets, without fear of humans. Residents currently can not walk outside, enjoy their parks, take their leashed pets for a walk without fearing encountering a menacing coyote. Even a small risk is one that must be taken seriously and acted upon expeditiously. Anything less would be simply negligent. As residents who pay taxes and elect officials to ensure a safe community and take action when issues arise, we believe the city has failed us to this point and we want this rectified immediately.