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Petitioning CEO of Parks Canada Alan Latourelle and 4 others

Alan Latourelle, CEO of Parks Canada: Maintain Cross-Country Ski Trails in Prince Albert National Park

The decision to no longer maintain the cross-country ski trails at Prince Albert National Parks undermines the Park’s utility and purpose. The result will be fewer Saskatchewan residents experiencing the unique northern ecosystem of the Park. There will now be fewer recreational opportunities during long Saskatchewan winters to encourage exercise and a healthy society. The positive economic impact during the slow winter months that cross-country skiers brought to the hotels and restaurants of the region will also disappear.

This petition was delivered to:
  • CEO of Parks Canada
    Alan Latourelle
  • Superintendant of Prince Albert National Park
    Alan Fehr
  • Minister Responsible for Parks Canada
    Peter Kent
  • Member of Parliament for Prince Albert
    Randy Hoback
  • Member of Parliament for Desnethé--Missinippi--Churchill Rive
    Rob Clarke

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