Help Save Asian Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS)!

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Help Save Asian Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS)!

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Alameda County Board of Supervisors

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UPDATE as of May 7, 2016: 

Yesterday the ACMHS Board of Directors terminated four of the managers who filed grievances against the Executive Director Phillip Patrick Sun. To date, the Board has not completed an investigation into the multiple grievances filed by these managers and union members. This outrageous action appears to be retaliation for the managers making their complaints to the Board. It is no coincidence that these managers were fired only one day before the damning County audit report of ACMHS is made public which supports many of the most serious allegations raised by the managers. The auditor's findings are a devastating indictment of the executive leadership of ACMHS.

ACMHS staff need your support more than ever! Please join us at the Board of Supervisors meeting to let the Supervisors know that the ACMHS Executive Director and Board of Directors must be held accountable. ACMHS faces a dire future under their ongoing leadership. The time is now to step up to save ACMHS!


DATE:                    Monday - May 9, 2016

TIME:                    9:30AM - 11:30AM

ADDRESS:            Administrative Building, Board Chambers



This petition calls for Philip Patrick Sun, Executive Director of Asian Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS) to STEP DOWN!!

During the past three years as ACMHS’ Executive Director, Mr. Sun’s leadership has created a hostile work environment at ACMHS, causing more than one-third of our experienced clinicians, psychologists, psychiatrists, managers and supervisors to resign, hence severely impacting the agency’s service delivery to underserved Asian consumers and communities in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.

In addition, during the past three years, Mr. Sun was frequently absent from our Oakland office, took multiple trips to Texas, Mississippi, Taiwan, China and Africa allegedly on agency funds. As a result, ACMHS’ administrative costs have greatly increased, exceeding the percentage allowed by most of our contracts.

We call for the following immediate actions:

1. Removal of Mr. Philip Sun as Executive Director of ACMHS

2. Board of Supervisors of Alameda County to conduct a FINANCIAL AUDIT of ACMHS to investigate alleged misuse of public funds by Mr. Sun and the Board of Directors of ACMHS

3. Board of Supervisors to provide a mediator for ACMHS staff to dialogue with ACMHS Board to reform ACMHS

We greatly appreciate your support, and please share this petition widely.  Thank you.




Over the past several months ACMHS managers and staff have been working to save Asian Community Mental Health Services (ACMHS). Managers and staff have filed multiple grievances against the Executive Director Philip Patrick Sun regarding his leadership, competence, and financial management of the agency. These grievances were filed with the ACMHS Board of Directors. The Board has failed in its fiduciary duty to conduct fair, impartial, and complete investigations into these matters. The Board has yet to meet with managers and staff to discuss the grievances. Board members are the leaders of the organization charged with ensuring the financial viability of the organization. The Board's failure to properly investigate these matters does not only endanger the organization as a whole, but also the lives of clients who depend on ACMHS services. We are now taking our action to the Board of Supervisors of Alameda County. Please support us by signing this petition.

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This petition had 833 supporters

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