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Deny the parole of Wesley Randall Quick, former death row inmate on January 22nd 2014

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Wesley Quick (pictured above in his mugshot) is currently charged with the burglary of the gun that took my brother and his best friends life. Prior to his third trial for being awarded and the appeal board overturning his death penalty conviction with loopholes in the laws found, he awarded a new trial being "indigent" (even though a "$25,000 retainer fee" was paid for his legal fees) and being denied "free transcripts" from his second trial. During the second trial, he was charged with the double Capital murder of these two young boys. The third trial he was represented by Thomas Mesereau, a highly recognized "pro bono", "anti death penalty" lawyer from California who is known in his representation of Michael Jackson, and Robert Blake (he withdrew from the Blake case later). His "high profile" attorney flew in and give us a whirlwind of a third trial that consisted of new stories and with a dramatic ending won Wesley Quicks exoneration. It had been 7 1/2 years since the murders in 2003, and our side (the defense) lost several key witnesses from the second trial. Shelley Kitchen, Quicks "girlfriend", who was thought to be testifying against him in the third trial and for the first time, died in her sleep, at 25 years old just right before the preliminary hearing in 2002. Shelley had previously been charged with accessory to murder for being present at the murders and had served her time. During the previous trial, Wesley's "friends" testified that "he talked about killing someone" on more than one occasion and wanted to know "what it felt like". Friends testified he re-enacted the crime assigning everyone a "a part" as him, Shelly, Nathan and John. At this same time, we were grieving our brother and our friend, John and wondering how this could happen to boys without an enemy in the world. The gun Wesley is currently serving time for is the one that was use to fill two innocent boys full of bullets, clip reloaded and the job was finished as the boys lay begging for their lives. My brother lost an eye and his forearm was broke into from the blasts of only two of the bullets. Thirteen shots were fired into these kids bodies from this gun. This gun was used to kill two innocent boys, boys he had never met before this. The gun was used point blank as they lay begging for their lives. I'm sorry to be so graphic but in this case it's necessary to get a clear picture of the devastation that Wesley Quicks actions have caused our families. Did Wesley call 911 to save their lives when he testified that he "woke up over the bodies" riddled with bullets with the "gun in his hand"? No. Did he attempt to do anything but return to the crime scene by self admission to "smoke a joint" over the bodies and as his friends testified against him that he returned them to the scene if the crime to prove to then that he really "did do it". I personally have no fear tonight because I know where he is, I do not want him out to put other people at risk of recommitting his "crime" I don't care how many years it has been you don't rehabilitate some people's sicknesses. Wesley Quick does not need to be paroled, furloughed or free to walk our streets. The victims no longer have voices to speak for themselves..Will you please help give them voices by signing and sharing this petition? signing this petition you are stating- I, the undersigned, oppose the parole or release of Wesley Randall Quick inmate# 231783 Keep crime off of our streets and our loved ones safe. Thank you for your time on this matter. 

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