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Alabama State Legislators: Allow production of non-potentially hazardous foods in a home kitchen.

This law will help create employment opportunities for state residents currently out of work to become food entrepreneurs. It is acknowledged that the cottage food laws may require food processors to pay a license and/or permit fee. It is this licensing requirement that could bring in money for the entire state or partially pay for any cost incurred for additional regulatory program operations.

Cottage food laws have been passed in 32 other states, some of them as recently as the last year. The success in these states gives us hope that Alabama can and will follow suit to help small business owners succeed in a growing market. It is currently impossible to obtain a home kitchen license in Alabama that will allow home business owners to sell outside of State sanctioned farmers’ markets or on the internet. A statewide Cottage Food Law could change all of that and help change Alabama's economy for the better.

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