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Let's Get The Alabama Housing Trust Fund...umm.....Funded!!!!

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   Because, we the organizing committee of the Dynamite Hill-Smithfield Community Land Trust recognize the "Human Right To Home" and that so many citizens in Birmingham and so many Alabamians of Low Income are suffering great difficulty with home, including an inability to afford quality living environment and homelessness, we are asking your signature on this petition and for you to spread this far and wide.  

     The issue of poverty exists to a very high degree among Women and their Children in Alabama making affordable housing improbable.  The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, reports that some 55.6 percent of single mothers along with their children in our city live below the poverty line. This situation is similar statewide in Alabama with a 49.6 percent rate of poverty for single mothers. This of course makes affordable housing improbable. Yet there is the...

    Alabama Housing Trust Fund,(AHTF) and we need your signature to urge our legislature to fund this work in their 2017 legislative session.

    Dynamite Hill-Smithfield Community Land Trust which organizes in Birmingham Alabama advocates for the funding of the  AHTF, because this funding can assist us in building Permanently Affordable Housing for low-income citizens of Birmingham, Alabama.  We also support all rural efforts in creating affordable housing for Women and Children. Our friends at  Arise Citizen's Policy Project, advocate this effort to fund the AHTF as one of its 2018 Issue Priorities. We appreciate and hope to work alongside the Low Income Housing Coalition of Alabama LIHCA who are rallying hard to get this funded and have been at it for years now. So the fund was established in 2012 and it has been advocated for funding by housing champion Representative Patricia Todd and a number of others. Yet....NO FUNDING!!!!

   You and I have the ability to get this done, we are the people and those dealing with poverty are in our human family. We cannot let another legislative session go by without this incredible work being funded. Please sign on and pass it forward. 


 To assist us in this work towards this effort please contact us at


Picture of the Home is from Davis Park a Community Land Trust in Lexington, Kentucky. During our visit to the Community Land Trust Conference in 2015, the Dynamite Hill-Smithfield Community Land Trust Organizing Committee supported by Magic City Agriculture Project spoke with residents and experienced their happiness in these lovely new homes.

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