Apologise to Malaysia

Apologise to Malaysia

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Al Jazeera 101 East has recently created an unjustified bias report attacking Malaysia's government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This coverage is factually incorrect as well as one-sided citing that Malaysia is involved in 'Human Rights Abuses' towards Illegal foreign workers. This documentary is highly misleading and must be held to account for unethical journalism.

This documentary is simply an insult to Malaysians as well as the frontlines working tirelessly every day risking their livelihoods to ensure that the country is safe. This reporting tarnishes the name of Malaysia by accusing the state of being bias and racist. In reality, Malaysia is a multicultural country accepting of all religions and beliefs. The documentary does not cover the fact that our government has provided over Rm 25,000,000 towards food for these illegal immigrants as well as free testing and healthcare using taxpayers money. 

Al Jazeera has not considered the fact that Illegal immigrants are illegal and fails to recognise that many Malaysians are out of work due and suffering to the pandemic. The international community has to stand up to hold dishonest reporting to account. The government main concern is keeping its citizens safe and healthy. Illegal immigrants do not have the proper documents making it impossible for the health ministry to trace and contain. This leads to the risk of widespread COVID-19 cases which would otherwise compromise our health system. 

The aim of this petition is to demand  Al Jazeera as well as Drew Ambrose to apologise to the Malaysian Government for the bias Documentary of their handling of Covid-19 as well as taking down of the documentary as it is still airing on TV and Social Media.