Raise the Des Moines school district budget! #schoolsneedfunding

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Over nearly a decade now the DMPS district has not gotten the funding it needs. It needs to pay for teachers, staff, lunches, field trips, and an overall healthy learning environment and has barely been able to lately. This all got bad in 2010 when 300 positions were cut across the district and except for a peak in 2015 hasn’t gotten better since. This year there’s only a 1% increase, which needs to be 4% at minimum to account for reasonable growth, and this means around 200 positions are being cut with 60 not being refilled. Nearly every school is losing staff and teachers without replacements, and gaining students on top of that. The district is also changing its start and end times this year and barely has a financial cushion to help if there are unexpected issues with it like transportation or weather. This needs to change.

On to a personal story to give you some back story (and because it’s recommended). Now I’m not sure what can happen about the positions being cut for this upcoming year. I personally am a Scavo student, I know the school has a bad reputation, but it has helped me immensely to catch up and hopefully graduate on time despite health issues. I became very interested in this whole ordeal when I found out some of the most helpful and kind teachers in the whole school were being transferred. Of the teacher group I’ve worked most with over the past two years only two will still be at Scavo, and none of the support staff will be around who are already stretched too thin. This is a massive problem, it may cause the whole school to break down entirely since its whole point is to assist students who don’t work at normal schools. But that is just my story, I’m sure dozens of other students are losing some of the best teachers and are going to have an even harder time in class when a disruptive student is not dealt with because the support staff are too busy.

In summary, the DMPS school district needs more funding. We, the students, need more funding. Class sizes are getting bigger as more students come in and more teachers are cut. We need a bigger budget to help get through the transition and to keep things moving smoothly.


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