Tell Northern Rail to stop discriminating against disabled customers

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Northern Rail are regularly discriminating against disabled customers.
They allow scooters on their trains at times and then not at others.

They allow rail assistance to be booked for scooters; options can be chosen that tell them that you require a ramp and you are travelling with a scooter. They accept these bookings and take the money and then deny access to their service when the customers arrive at the station.

Worse still, they purposefully delay the trains while they humiliate disabled people and try to bully them out of disabled spaces or even to remove them from the train once they have boarded (see the video link for details).

The Equality Act 2010 was introduced to help ensure businesses treat everyone fairly. It protects anyone who is disabled, is thought to be disabled, or is with someone who is disabled. It gives these people rights to access goods or services in a way that means they are not treated less favourably than people without a disability.

Northern's formal scooter policy is outdated and ensures that disabled scooter-users get a varied and unreliable service that treats them less favourably than people without a disability. This is against the law.

Please sign this petition to tell Northern Rail that they need to make sure that their policies are in line with our country's legislation and stop humiliating their disabled customers.