Remove the chasing of ducks from the Annual Festival of Roses (Girona)

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We demand the Roses Town Council to eliminate from the Annual Roses Festival the chase of ducks in the sea.

In the case of the duck chase, about a fifty of them are unnecessarily thrown into the sea to be caught by the people swimming, generating big amounts of suffering, fear and anxiety to the animals, and no measure that could be taken would avoid this unimaginable stress.

In addition, the duck chase can violate the Animal Protection Law, because we consider that it offends our sensitivities, and induces mental harm to the ducks with the anxiety and fear that they suffer with, and the finality of the activity is for the duck to be the prize of whoever catches it. Even though the organizers ask for the ducks to be returned, the reality is that there is people who take them away.

On the other side, a recommendation of the Council of Europe establishes that ducks must not be used for entertainment, since the noise, the closeness to humans, the fact that their natural habitat is fresh water and not the sea, etcetera, atempt against their well-being and they can even suffer from panic attacks since domestic ducks have preserved a big number of responses when faced with predators, such as immobility, cries of alarm, attempts to fly or escape quickly from danger, and struggling violently when they’re caught.

It is obvious that the animals suffer greatly in the duck chase of Roses (Girona). Because of that, we ask the Roses Town Council to not allow these shows any longer in the town’s future festivities.  

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