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The SNT_4_EVER project aims to preserve an icon for worldwide skateboarding, such as Plaça dels països Catalans (SNT), in addition to establishing a start and improving relations between skaters, residents of the neighborhood and the Barcelona City Council.

Reaching agreement and consensus through dialogue is possible. Faced with the same problem, countries such as Sweden, England or Denmark, have developed numerous and recognized projects that aim to build and enable spaces for shared use between skaters and neighbors. These spaces are fully integrated into the city and have the approval of citizens, showing that despite having different interests, we are united by the same objective: Take advantage of public spaces and make them dynamic and inclusive places, where different groups are capable of live together and respect their interests and those of the rest of the community.

The best of all is that you don't have to go far to find examples of coexistence between skaters and neighbors, in Badalona's Plaça de los Planes, after long meetings with the town hall, the skater community got a shared space between neighbors and skaters. in which the space is divided into a playground and a space enabled and fully integrated into the city.