Limit Advertisement Time to Kids! Don't let advertisers trick your children.

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Limit advertisements geared towards children!

Advertisements are tools used by big companies to persuade people to buy their products. Advertisements can be bad for children's health and well-being, because the products being sold are often unhealthy.

In 1990 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) made the rule that advertisements can only be shown 12 minutes per hour on weekdays and 10.5 minutes per hour on weekends on children's television channels. We believe that this still exposes children to too many ads.

Tell the FCC to further limit advertisements on children's stations to 9 minutes per hour on weekdays and 7 minutes per hour on weekends.

Although advertising to children is already limited, we should always push towards less advertising because it is harmful to children.

Advertising is harmful to children's health. In 1974 childhood obesity in the United States was at 5.8%. Today, childhood obesity has grown, bringing the total rate to 17.3% in the United States. Overweight teenagers are even having surgeries to make their stomachs smaller because of this! One reason that childhood obesity is growing is because of advertisers gearing their meals towards children. For example, the “Happy Meal” at McDonald's contains a toy that is designed for kids to want. Even if the child doesn’t want the unhealthy food, they may ask for it just to get the reward. This is unfair to unsuspecting children.

Advertisers plant a seed in a child's mind that the child won't be happy without their product. Commercials often show kids having fun with their product. This influences children to buy a product because they want to be happy. This is wrong because it teaches children that they can buy happiness. When children think like this, they don’t try to be happy on their own. Instead of buying a toy a child could spend time with their friends or play outside.  

Advertising damages parent-child relationships. For example, if a child wants to buy a product that they saw on TV but their parent says no, the child may get mad at their parent. If a parent can’t afford a product that their child wants, this may make the parent feel guilty. A child might not understand that their parent can’t afford the toy and jump to the conclusion that their parent is being mean.

Please support this cause by signing this petition and tell the FCC to further limit advertising geared towards children!

Stop advertisements geared towards children!

Tell the FCC to further limit advertisements on children's stations to 9 minutes per hour on weekdays and 7 minutes per hour on weekends. 


This petition was written by Autumn and Cole. We are two sixth year students at a Montessori school in Northern California, fighting for a change. We hope this petition will change the world for the better!