Stop the AJC from delivering "Buyer's Direct" ad package

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For years, the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) has been on Sunday nights throwing a  bundle of advertising and coupons onto lawns and driveways without the delivery being requested by residents. Residents and entire neighborhoods have begged the AJC in writing to stop delivering this bundle, now called "Buyer's Direct," "Buyer's Edge," "AJC Reach," etc.  The newspaper - if it even responds to written requests - promises to halt delivery, but then does not. The ads are contained in plastic bags. When they remain on lawns and driveways for days, they migrate to the street and then to stormwater drains.  They are shredded by the tires of passing cars.  They are eyesores that become wet lumps of newsprint and leaves when rains move through.  They are a relic of the past, when consumers picked up printed newspapers to read advertising, as well as they day's news.  Consumers, who now click to buy and respond online advertising served up based on recent Google searches, are not interested in picking up and clipping coupons, reading about mattress ads or paint companies in print ads. Thus, we are collecting signatures for this petition to ask the AJC, to stop producing and delivering this unwanted litter - this bag of coupons and ads - in our neighborhoods.