Kochi Intrntnl Airport to be named as Sri Adi Sankaracharya International Airport

Kochi Intrntnl Airport to be named as Sri Adi Sankaracharya International Airport

1 May 2020
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Airports Authority of India, Government of Kerala
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Why this petition matters


Kochi International Airport to be named as : 
“Shri Aadi Shankaracharya International Airport, Nedumbasseri"(SASIAN)

This is referenced to a news item which appeared in Janmabhoomi daily, Bengaluru edition dated 30th April 2020.

Vycharika Yajnavedi Online friends have mooted this proposal during the birth anniversary occasion of Shri Sankaracharya!

I personally feel this is the most suitable way of saluting this Great saint for his numerous contributions towards India’s spiritual inheritance and cultural diversity!

To corroborate further, Kerala is known as 
“God’s own country “

Geographically this airport is situated almost middle of the State and has close proximity to the village KALADY which has been graced by the birth of this holy Saint whose Advaitha Philosophy is globally regarded with high reverence!

To substantiate it with another incident:
I had an opportunity to visit Thailand a couple of years back! 

On the way back, in Bangkok at the very entrance of the International airport a spectacular scene really shook me. 

It was awesome indeed!
It also took little more time for me to realise that it was not in India!

Not being able to withdraw my attention, when looked around, I could observe many passengers were competing to capture it with their mobiles and cameras on!

The stunning scene was nothing but a sculptural edifice representing the theme of Palazhi madhanam (churning the ocean of milk) Depicted to Indian mythology with a huge name Board “SUVARNABHOOMI “ INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!

Every proud Indian should invariably offer a Big salute (with their head lowered in shame )to the Govt. of Thailand for this great gesture ! 

Surprising fact hitherto is that,none of our
Great Epics,Puranas & Mythologies are not attempted to showcase for the benefit of generations to share with it’s deserving respect and seriousness due to our oblivious attitude and hence such resurrection of thoughts itself  were found to have damaged,discouraged or mysteriously wiped out !

With the descriptions above, I humbly appeal to all those like minded to come forward with concept & co operation for protecting and preserving this ancient civilisation!

Let’s not be witnesses of it’s divisional deterioration leading to its complete eradication!

Hence irrespective of beliefs, cast, creed or region, let’s collectively Join hands, to support and encourage this movement for making the subject matter a realisation!!!

Sanathanan P I
ISRO Layout 

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Signatures: 28,438Next Goal: 35,000
Support now