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Standard Policy for Insulin Pumps at Airport Security

Hospitals and insulin pump manufacturers advise that the electromagnetic radiation used by x-ray screening for carry-on or checked luggage and full-body airport scanners may interfere with the motors of insulin pumps resulting in a potential impact on insulin delivery.

Our aim is for airport security officers to recognise that insulin pumps are medical devices that should NOT go through x-ray machines or full-body airport scanners and should be subject to alternative security screening (for example via a wand inspection to test for traces of explosives) and that failure to do so could swiftly cause medical consequences.

You can read about my families experience which compelled me to start this campaign:

Open Letter to Dubai International Airport

We are still receiving messages from insulin pump users (all over the world) who have had poor experiences at airport security. Therefore I have put together a PDF for you to take when travelling which I hope will help to clarify the situation and alleviate stress.

Download PDF

We advise that passengers show airport security personnel this document along with medical confirmation from their practitioner so that screening may be undertaken accordingly.

As a direct result of our campaign, Airports Council International (ACI) published a full-page article called “Best practice for screening of insulin pumps” in their December 2016 issue of World Report. The Report is sent to their 592 members operating 1,853 airports in 173 countries.

ACI World have informed us that they will be presenting the issue in May 2017 to the ICAO Aviation Security Panel, a UN specialized agency, requesting that it is highlighted to regulators and included in guidance material. ICAO works with the Convention’s 191 Member States so this is a big step forward for our campaign.

Further details related to our campaign:

2017 Travel Document

JDRF Article (November 2016)

The Problem Between Airports and Diabetes


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