Air India: Make third gender category part of recruitment policy by the end of 2019

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Shanavi, a transgender, was tired of fighting, and had written to the President of India, pleading for mercy killing.

She was being denied the basic human right: the right to dignity, the right to identity. 

She, who had dreamt of a brilliant career opening up before her as an engineering graduate, was now in the depths of despair. She was facing rejection and ridicule everywhere she applied. Not because she was considered incompetent—more than 20 companies had agreed that she was bright, capable, had the right qualifications but Air India couldn’t employ her.

Simply because she was transgender.

Shanavi’s is not an isolated case. There are thousands, lakhs like Shanavi, who face mental agony at virtually every step in their lives.

Sign my petition to bring justice for those who don't identify as simply male or female. We want Air India to create a category for the third gender in their recruitment policy.

Shanavi first applied to Air India in 2016. But each time Shanavi applied to Air India for a job as cabin crew, she was rejected. Eventually, she was told that their reason for rejection was that their recruitment policy didn’t have a category for ‘transgender’.

This, despite the Supreme Court ruling of 2014, which recognized transgender people as third gender. The Court had also directed the government to provide transgender people with quotas in jobs and education, similar to other minorities. 

Yet, even though four years of this ruling, AI has not changed its policies.

Shanavi appealed to the Supreme Court in 2017 and the Court issued notices to Air India and the Ministry of Civil Aviation seeking a reply on the matter. But till date, they both remain silent.

Help Shanavi and others like her in their fight for the right to dignity. Sign my petition to make Air India's recruitment policy more inclusive.