Airbnb, put back IDR (Indonesian Rupiah) in the supported payment currency!

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I have done many airbnb bookings while travelling abroad, all these bookings were done with the local currencies. I also hosted my own airbnb listing in my hometown.

Lately, several people are complaining about why booking my listing cannot be done in rupiah. They asked, I have no clue, and those bookings are mostly lost.

Then I want to travel to Surabaya, this time I tried to book an airbnb listing. And the same thing happened to me. All prices are shown in rupiah, and as I progressed to payment, it can't be finished using rupiah. I was told to change currency or change my payment method. I tried the later and was not succesful. Then I saw that the currency setting on the bottom right corner was IDR, I changed that to USD, and I can complete the payment. The funny thing is that after I changed to USD, IDR was no longer in the option, it's gone.

I contacted Airbnb support about this. They replied that IDR was no longer supported since October 20th, 2017. I don't understand, why it's no longer supported, but many people still has their currency set to IDR, including me. I bet many other people have the same problem booking listings in Indonesia because of this issue.

So Airbnb, you owe us an explanation why IDR is no longer supported. I saw you supported many other local currencies. And if there is a valid reason behind that, why did you still put IDR as default setting, still show the prices in rupiah, but then throw error saying booking cannot be done in rupiah during payment. That's ridiculous, as if you want to make it harder for us to use your service unnecessarily. I think this change is not well thought and was put in a hurry without much consideration.

But most importantly, I think it's fair to ask you to put back IDR as supported payment. Why should we as Indonesian do our booking in USD or any other foreign currency for booking an Indonesian listings. Think as if you as a US resident would book listing in New York, but at the end you're shown that USD is not supported, and you have to change your currency setting to IDR. Ridiculous I think, and I think many others will agree.