AUCKLAND - DELHI - AUCKLAND Direct Flight Petition

AUCKLAND - DELHI - AUCKLAND Direct Flight Petition

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Sijo Abraham started this petition to Air India and


There is no direct flight from New Zealand to India. At present Singapore, Malaysia, Emirates and Qatar Air takes around 20 to 42 hours to reach India. If there is a direct flight from New Zealand to India it will take approximately less than 15 hours.    

There’s a better way:

Auckland - AKL to Delhi - DEL  Nonstop flight on  Air New Zealand/ Air India with onward connections on local carriers (SpiceJet, GoAir, IndiGo, Vistara, Air India) to other States.


Auckland AKL to Delhi DEL 

Air India fly a direct flight from Melbourne/Sydne to Delhi in 11 hours.

This is giving an indication that more direct flights from Auckland can land at Delhi International Airport Ltd.

I’ve done the analysis of current nonstops from Auckland to Singapore/ Kuala Lumpur the nearest Country by air distance is 10 hours. My estimate for the new route AKL- DEL direct flight is -14 hours flying time. 

The flight could leave around 8 PM from Auckland and arrive the next day around 4 AM IST giving plenty of time to clear immigration/customs and catch any of a plethora of morning flights to other Indian cities. 

Why is Auckland the departing city?

New Zealand has around 250,000 Indians, and the majority is based in Auckland.

Auckland is geographically advantaged as other cities in New Zealand and is well connected to Wellington/ Christchurch and Dunedin by road and air.


Fiji is one of the Islands located close to New Zealand and has a 3-hour flying distance from Auckland. India and Fiji have strong cultural relations between countries as 38 per cent of Fiji's population are of Indian descent. 

 With the facts above, Auckland to Delhi direct flight will surely have fan followers. 

Why Delhi as the arrival city?

Delhi is the Capital State of India like other small towns in nearby states. A few hours of Flying will take most of them to their home. 

Other than that, people from neighbouring countries like NEPAL, BHUTAN, PAKISTAN AND BANGLADESH can easily travel to their destinations from Delhi. 

There is a very good chance to get a full plane this way. The route is the shortest to Delhi which means no transit is required in other international cities. Travel time can significantly reduce jetlag and parents or people with disabilities can fly without any issues. Also with great onward domestic connections from Delhi, people can “fan out” in the most efficient way with 1-3 hours maximum further flight to the other States.

 Also, more benefits can be negotiated and availed as Cochin International Airport Ltd is taking pride in having direct long-haul flights from Kochi. 

Why Air India / Air New Zealand?

Air India and Air New Zealand are reputable national carriers and both airlines are already connecting New Zealand cities to India. This will definitely help these airlines to start a new route to Delhi. Air India has a hub in Delhi for its Air India operations. 

In summary, this should be a no-brainer for Air India / Air New Zealand:

(1) Air India / Air New Zealand NON-STOP is an untapped market currently “owned by” Emirates/ Qatar/ Singapore Airlines/ Malaysia with one or more stops through Dubai/ Qatar/ Singapore/Kuala Lumpur. If these packed planes are any indication, there’s 100% plenty of market share to be had.

(2) The route is comfortably in the range of their beautiful, new Dreamliners 

(3) With DEL/COK/BOM welcoming direct NON STOP long-haul flights.

(4) With the international terminal there are enough arrival and departure facilities to make this happen.

(5)Tourism opportunities- Once the borders open it will definitely attract more tourists to New Zealand / India.

I am planning to contact Airline leadership/ government officials/MPs who would be able to help us in making this proposal happen. The more number on this petition will definitely help to better explain this petition. Please sign this petition and let’s all push hard to make this happen. Thank you!

A comfortable, direct flight to Delhi without stopping in Asia or in the Middle East.

It's time that Indians in New Zealand can travel to their home airport without stopping in a foreign country on a Non-Indian/Non- New Zealand airline.

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“This petition is based on a petition by Eldhose Varghese" called “Melbourne - Kochi - Melbourne direct flight"
PS: This petition will help us to fly direct to Delhi after this pandemic. Air India is in the process of announcing new routes for early next year.


0 have signed. Let’s get to 10,000!
At 10,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!