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On their way to cruel and invasive experimentation (journeys that can last more than 30 hours), primates endure extreme temperature fluctuations, poor ventilation and debilitating noise. Many die from stress, trauma, dehydration, and intestinal hemorrhaging. Air France is the last major airline to transport these monkeys. It is critical they stop now and help cut off the supply of monkeys to US research labs!

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Letter to
Executive Vice President Ground Operations Michel Emeyriat
Executive Vice President, Organization and Corporate Social Responsibility Bertrand Lebel
Executive Vice President for Flight Operations Alain Bassil
and 1 other
Air France CEO and Chairman Alexandre de Juniac
As a concerned traveler, I am shocked and disappointed to learn that Air France/KLM is one of the few major airlines that still transports primates bound for research labs. Air France has ignored repeated requests to stop transporting primates despite public outcry.

By now, you are well aware of the immense pain and suffering primates endure not only during their journeys but at the hands of researchers. Animal experimentation is being rejected by a growing number of scientists throughout the scientific community because it is flawed and reveals no accurate parallels to a human being.

During the journeys, which can last longer than 30 hours, monkeys experience extreme temperature fluctuations, poor ventilation and debilitating noise-- conditions that can cause stress, trauma, dehydration, and intestinal hemorrhaging. Many of them die en route. Once they reach their destinations, they are subjected to torture and inhumane procedures, facing horrors such as mutilation, poisoning, food deprivation, and psychological torment.

I am urging you and the Air France Board of Directors to join the increasing number of airlines that refuse to transport primates bound for cruel and invasive experimentation. Should you not change your position, I will personally refrain from using any Air France or KLM services or products.

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